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people who love blindside,switchfoot,yellowcard,an's Journal

21st October, 2005. 9:31 am.(boardinben90)

Favorite bands and singers:switchfoot, kutless, greenday, yellowcard, black sabbath, skillet, jars of clay, one-21, beach boys, temptations.
favorite songs:meant to live, iron man, american idiot, when september ends, earth angle, my girl, taquilla, halo theme, little deuce coup, fun fun fun, indiana jones theme, lot's of other songs that i can't remember right now.
favorite movies: indiana jones, patton, napoleon dynamite, the emporers new clothes, kicking and screaming, anchorman.
favorite tv shows: that 70's show, simpsons, anything good.
style of clothes: punk, stupid t-shirts.
Do you know who switchfoot is?:who doesn't
What do you think of our president George Bush?:(i may like greendays songs but that doesn't mean i agree w/ the messages for some of them) glad he's got 4 more years and GOD bless him.
favorite cult classic movie?: indiana jones.
Do you know what a cult classic movie is?: indiana jones?
Hottests guy or girl in a band?: never really thought about hottest chick in a band.

Current mood: awake sittin in my pj's.

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15th November, 2004. 3:12 am.(jumpin4christ)

Favorite bands and singers:switchfoot,yellowcard,all that stuff!
favorite songs:only one by yellowcard,only hope by switchfoot,cute boring love by blindside,on fire by switchfoot,you by switchfoot,young and hopeless by good charlotte,all of us by blindside,view from heaven by yellowcard,only time by enya,paralyzed by sixpence none the richer,etc. etc.
favorite movies:hot shots,ever after,pride and prejudice,rat race,liar liar,breakfast club,sixteen candles,the santa clause,ferris bueller's day off,while you were sleeping,true lies,pirates of the caribbean,footloose,christmas vacation,sabrina,a walk to remember,clueless,etc.
favorite tv shows:friends,everybody loves raymond,joan of arcadia,life as we know it,still standing,amazing race,the simpsons,roseanne,the nanny,my three sons,charlie's angels,that 70's show,etc.
style of clothes:all the stuff i like
Do you know who switchfoot is?:OH YA!
What do you think of our president George Bush?:luv him!
favorite cult classic movie?:breakfast club,sixteen candles, or rockie horror picture show
Do you know what a cult classic movie is?:yes
Hottests guy or girl in a band?:jon foreman,blindside dude,billy martin,tyson ritter,matthew thiessen,etc.

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14th November, 2004. 5:00 am. Hello All!(jumpin4christ)

This is going to be a great community so become a member to make it even better!

Current mood: awake.

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